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Aug 4, 2009
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Does any manufacturer out there make a low flash powder? Is there a loaded round that is developed for low flash? I am shooting a Sig P239 in a .40 and I am taking a night class and the flash is terrible. I heard some law enforcement ammunition was developed for a low flash. Any help would be appreciated.
Scott I can't shoot a can here in California I figure that was your thought.
In ball ammo your not going to find much if any flash suppressent present in the cartridge.

However, if you use a high profile JHP like Federal Hydroshock it will have a flash suppressent that will dampen the ammount of the muzzle flash you will experience during low light and no light shooting.
Most premium defense rounds will use low-flash powders. My duty load is Black Hills, and it's pretty good at night (thankfully, since I work last out). Of course, premium is as premium charges :mad: Sometimes I wish I carried .40 S&W, since the department supplies that caliber. I'm out of pocket for .45 ACP.
Thanks for the replies. This started as my fault. I had a barrel ported and it was pretty good for doing drills with Winchester white box ammunition. I took a three day course and one was night fire. I immediately changed out the ported barrel for two reasons the flash and the powder residue covered the tritium front sight so it was a dim glow. Once I got that all squared away and my night vision returned I shot another round in the house and the flash was overwhelming. I am going to reload some rounds with a low flash powder once I find what I am looking for. I carry TAP now but I am going to change out to Winchester Law Enforcement Ammunition.
Thanks to all for the input.