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Jul 15, 2010
Hello to everyone! I'm 40 years old and former HUMINT collector with the US Government. I was assigned to the Special Operations Division of my agency. Became a displaced federal employee in order to help my father through respiratory therapy after he came down with emphysema (quit smoking guys) LOL. I was denied a compassionate transfer and had to make a tough choice. Well, not really tough as I wasn't going to turn my back on my father. But, do plan to return to the G. I have been thinking about joining the Army reserve as 35M. I hope my experience can be put to good use.

My friends wonder why I would enlistg at my age, but serving my country in the military has always been dream of mine. I have loved my years as an operator in the IC, but I just can't shake the desire to enlist. I'm quickly approaching the cut off age for the Army which is 42. I came across this site by accident and it turned out to be a great source of imformation with many experienced people. I'm glad to be here and hope to learn as much as possible from your experiences.

God Bless!
I have and they have the openings, especially for collectors who speak Spanish with a 5/5 DLPT. I 've worked with some of their collectors before OCONUS and have been told by many that its almost impossible to get a job with them unless you're former military spook, which is only fair considering that its INSCOM. Have you heard anything like this? I have no problems returning to my former agency because I took a displacement. Since they couldn't accomodate me with a compassionate transfer, they have to hire me back by law. Doesn't mean I will not explore something different.
Welcome to the site. Best wishes with helping your father, and with returning to service when he has completed his therapy. My sympathies to you and your dad as my aunt, who was a very heavy smoker, suffered terribly from emphysema...
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