Any of you guys heard of fake training BA plates?


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May 8, 2009
Denver, CO
I'm looking to put plates in my kit for weighted purposes during crossfit but obviously can't and wouldn't buy real plates. Do fake plates exist for training purposes?
I have been using tiles that I cut to fit in the pockets.. but the lack of a curveture for the spine and front has taken its toll. Any advice?

Google didn't help much.
The Airsoft plates are very light weight, but you could poke a hole and maybe fill them with sand or something. Probably wont give you actual weight, but close enough.
Have you considered just using a weighted vest instead of your BA? They are a bit easier on the body than most plate carriers too.
For maximum comfort, and that head-turning "wow" factor at the gym:
They sure do exist bro, we have them for training. Blue ones from CCA Australia and BaE. They weigh the same and have a blue vinyl coating.

Why don't you just get some DXed plates that failed an Xray chep and use those?
Just be careful working out with weight hanging off of you. If it's not a snug fit, the weight impacting your joints after you've stopped moving will act as a pile driver and wreak havoc on your lower joints starting at the pelvis.