Anyone doing any Climbing these days? (Climbing thread!)



Anyone doing any Technical Climbing/Rockwork/Repelling, etc. these days?
I haven't done much of any of that recently...and I'm getting kinda restless. F@cking Arizona, I'm afraid to stick my hand into anything rocklike...never know what you'll find.

Anyway, if anyone has any great pic's, stories, etc, please post them this thread. Even if they're not current, it'll help get me motivated to (take the camera and) drive up outta this damn desert and get OUT and DO something!!! :cool:
I just started getting into it and really enjoy the rock climbing. Haven't really gotten out and about too much just yet, just training on the walls so far.
I'm an Instructor Over here..We run a 3 week cse every year. It consists of learning how to lead and second a climb.. Learning how to abseil. And alot of rope work/knots etc!
I dabble.
Stopped going to the indoor wall because of all the douchebags.
Nearest place for real climbing is 2 hours away, so I haven't been in awhile.

Always have a blast when I go.
I'm still a newbie at it.
Haven't climbed over a 5.9 yet.
I am a mountain guy myself.

Did a lil climbing in Macedonia in July...have a few pics here somewhere...

Still trying to get to the USASOC Level I course....
There is a rock climbing "gym" near me. I would really like to go more often. I was pretty close to buying my own gear vice renting everytime.
It is really fun and watching a nice booty scaling up the wall above you is a nice bonus. If I could just get some free time I would be all in and getting a membership.


Cathedral Ridge:


Rescue Mt Hood in May at 10,000 ft, a moment of good visibility.


First American Ascent on the Falcon, about 1600 M. Black sea in the back ground. 11 pitches of 5.11 rated.

I broke 2 vertebrae bouldering once. :) I liked the indoor gym that I lived near when I lived in Atlanta. great people. but I haven't climbed outdoors in a few years. :( soon, perhaps. have a few things I need to do first.
Like that last pic, Hollis. Nice sexy socks... Didn't realize they had socks (or shorts) like that in the stone ages... ;)

Thank you Folks! I'm getting motivated. (actually nice cool day of raining today in PHX).
Getting time for a trip north.

MORE PIC'S!!!! :cool:
Haven't done any for a while. Had fun hanging off a crag, ass in the breeze with a dislocated shoulder. :rolleyes:

Pix somewhere, try to dig 'em out.
That's some good shit H! Thank you.
Getting motivated to go north and get outta town!!!
Somewhere up on the Mogollon Rim or up on the Kiabab.
Photo expedition time!

QC, looking forward to your pic's bro!
More More!
Finally got out for my first outdoor climb. Of course it had to be up a crack, something I've never worked on. It was fun. Went to the other side of the "playground" and did some actual rock wall climbing. We'll see if I am able to get out any more this winter.


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