Anyone own an H&K USP or USPc

Shit. Well there was a mistake when getting the financing and I now have to wait for the credit card to come in before I can finish buying the gun. We accidentally closed the page with all the numbers you have to type in at checkout.. so I've spent the weekend aggravated I have to wait..

Well went to the local indoor range and was very surprised they actually had a USP 45 to rent. Snatched it up and shot it side by side with my Glock 22 and Springfield 1911.

Wow.. The soft recoil of HKs 45s made my 1911 feel uncomfortable to shoot for the very first time. The holes in the targets made my 22 feel underpowered. However, on about the 5th magazine the USP started to feel uncomfortable in my hand.. soo

Going to order an HK45 now :) PoliceMedic I can't help it lol
I'll take credit for it
I picked up an HK USP in 40 cal with LEM Trigger, I got some trigger work done by Bill Springfield and it made an absolute huge difference in the trigger! Not to mention the price is reasonable! favorite handgun. fit my hand like it was made for it (the one I fired at the range anyway)