ATF Tactical Trainer


SOF Support
Oct 24, 2010
221B Baker St
No affiliation but assume there are former senior 18B or SOF equivalents that may be interested.

  • Open & closing dates
    07/25/2019 to 07/31/2019

Specialized experience for the GS-14 level is a mastery knowledge of and experience in all of the following areas of tactical law enforcement and instructor training of special weapons and tactics (SWAT); extensive experience as a Commander or Team Leader of a full-time state/local SWAT team, Federal Task Force Officer experience, SRT training and special response operations, tactical movement and vehicle assault training, dignitary protection training, certified firearms instructor, certified tactical carbine rifle instructor, certified shoot-house instructor, less-lethal instructor, hostage rescue instructor and active shooter instructor experience in order to provide training for tactical law enforcement officers; demonstrated ability in developing long- and short-range plans concerning the implementation of various tactical law enforcement training programs; managing a large scale budget and purchasing state-of-the-art tactical equipment, weapons, ammunition, tactical equipment, etc.; and experience as it applies to knowledge and application of civilian criminal laws and principles and procedures used in apprehending criminal suspects.

Law Enforcement (LE) Training Specialist (Tactical)
A little late, but I have always been interested in violating my fellow Americans' 2A rights. Thank God there is an agency to do so :rolleyes: