Beirut Explosion

Ho-lee shit but that was an impressive explosion!

I just saw a different video of it, that was just nuts.
Didn't see a thread for this so I thought I'd get the discussion going. Mods please delete if I'm out of my lane.

Yeah that was quite big I'd say. Do fireworks create a cloud like that? I remember a firework warehouse video from Mexico (I think) years ago and, though it was a big explosion, you could still at least see fireworks going off. That just seemed like a big explosion.

Edit: As I was, I can see some fireworks I suppose, but that second blast was massive still.
I read several places it was a grain silo at the port that went. It looked more like electricity sparking with small explosions first to me.
Ammonium Nitrate is supposedly the culprit according to an article I read.
You're new here, but if you are going to reference "an article I read", then it is expected you will also provide a link.
Not gonna lie, that shock wave was gorgeous.

Unofficial word from amongst my tribe is that there was a boat with fireworks on board. There’s one video out there where you can see it cooking off. On my phone, I was quite skeptical of that, but on a different screen I could see it better.

Anyway, that boat caught on fire. Not good. That right there is already what I’d call a bad fucking day. That boat just happened to be located right next to a warehouse where a fuckton of confiscated chemicals and explosives (sodium nitrate and possibly AN) were kept for a couple of years ( let that sink in for a second...)

The grain silo @medicchick references is right beside that warehouse,, but I digress.

So yeah, fireworks on fire get fucking hot as balls. That shit also gets verrrrrrrry touchy. Word from witnesses was that there was a smaller det before that big motherfucker. That would be the fireworks. Heat, shock and friction were adequately applied to that warehouse chock full of really touchy shit as a result. The end result is Exhibit A.