Best boots for running in...


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Aug 30, 2009
North Carolina
I'm about to go through the Coast Guard's Precision Marksman school and I've been told to "bring a good pair of boots to run in".... Do anyone have recommendations based on personal experience?
Thanks Dame. I do have an extreme dislike for the Bates Superboots. If you like putting your feet into a sauna then go ahead! I've been wearing 5.11 tactical xprts for the past couple of years and they have proved to be extremely comfortable and tough. I do a lot of running in them and they fit like a running shoe. I was just wanting to see if there are better boots out there for this type of use.
This functional Gore-Tex® special boot corresponds to the Mountain Boot in all it's properties and design, except for the AWP (Assymetric Walking Position) and it's slightly higher leg.
The higher leg of this model gives that extra support to those users requiring that little extra confidence when tackling those 'above the norm' duties.
Widely purchased by dog handlers and firearms teams.
I seriously think NIke makes the best boot. They are not super pricey either.
I like the Adidas GSG-9.2; really nice boot if you're limited to black.
I did not know the Nike SF boot came out yet, I was wondering how good they might be. I loved Okaly SI Assualt, but the mofo's were to freaking hot for Iraq in the summer. As for running I would say that the Okaly's were the best boot I had used for running, but I would not want to do a lot of running in them. My opinions are a little outdated however, I have not worn Okaly's in 5 or 6 years now and outside of the regular isssue (when required to be in the monkey suit) I try not to wear anything but my Cowboy boots.
I seriously think NIke makes the best boot. They are not super pricey either.

This maybe an impossible question but... What is the fit on them like?

I have a hard time getting boots to fit me as I have narrow heels and wide feet.

It it an issue boot? (the Nike SF)
No not issued. They are seriously Nike running shoes in boot form though. They fit like Nike running shoes. You do not need to break them in, just put them on and roll.
That is them. I would not wear them for any kind of rope work(fast roping mostly) because they are a soft sole. I think the people from Nike went to the kids at SOPC and asked them what they did to make their boots so awesome(SOPC soles, remove toe cup and shank) and then made a boot that fits those specifications, because these boots are basically what I had custom made in SOPC for 200+ dollars and wore in SFAS.
You don't have to wear standard issue boots in SFAS?

When I went they had to be standard boots, however you could modify them however you wanted. I put the "SOPC" sole on them, and took out the toe cup and shank. They basically turned into the most comfortable boots of all time. I also took out the some of the space between the sole and the insole(if that makes sense?) to keep me from rolling my ankle. I like the low profile feel so I don't roll ankles as much. I didn't get any blisters and I had never worn the boots before SFAS.
I have heard the Nikes are good. Aku Navy Seals (yeah I cringe when I say the name too) are what I like to run in, they are set pretty similar to how Cback modified his.