Best OPORD contest

well.... here is the first WARNO... who wants the decoding word to decrypt grid data and play read next post

AO map is 1:25.000
AO aerial images will follow
AO weather report will follow

You are SOF Team Leader... You have to lead 8 operators (including you)
You can ask and obtain all you want BEFORE insertion
Remember it's covert operation, you'll have friendly contact in insertion and extraction only...

Please specify in the maneuver phase what you will do in insertion, infiltration, execution, exfiltration and extraction (as you know).

Ok... begin to familiarize yourself with first WARNO and AO map

P.S. coordinates are real.... google earth can help you to see terrain...

Example of execution

True story I showed up as a young pvt2 to platoon mission brief, without a note pad…. My PSG had me find whatever paper I had in my person/ruck and report back, the only paper I had was a roll of toilet paper and a red map pen. My PSG made me write down the entire OPORD (word for word) on my new roll of Charmin 2 ply, it took me about an hour.:-/ He then made me roll it back up and put it back in my ruck…....But I never forgot my note pad and pen again!:thumbsup:
well... the word to decrypt grid data is: B E R L U S C O N I (incredible but true...). As usual, you have to numerate from 1 to 0 every letters... remember Lat/Lon data will lead you by goolge earth on the real AO to decide insertion and extraction method, best patrol path and so on...
Mine grid data are not on WARNO, but mine is reported on map (OBJ)
Ok, because I know an ODA is the same as a fire team- O with a / through it.
I don't know what a section equates to for Special Forces. We used to divide up our platoon into two and we would call each half a section. Same thing when we dismounted, driver and gunner requirements would usually leave us with a "section" on the ground and a mounted "section". Doctrinally it's between a squad and a platoon and you usually see sections in fire support and weapons platoon, i.e. your machinegun section, assault section etc.
Etype, I thought an ODA was three dots like a platoon due to the ODA being the next level down from the SF company, which is one line. If it wasn't that, I figured two dots. Two dots is a section or a squad, just like Teufel explained.

Are you sure its the same symbol as fireteam? I'm curious as the the answer now.
ODA is the same as a fire team, O+/.
A squad is not two dots, it's one. 3 squads in a platoon, hence the 3 dots for a platoon.

Also, I'm curious as to what the triangles are. If they were triangles with no base, it would be an enemy unit in flight.

On the sectors of fire for the automatic weapons, there are solid sections on the left limit that indicate areas where it has grazing fire. This also indicates that it is the gun's FPF, not PDF. If it were a gun laid in on PDF, the PDF would be close to the middle of the sector, not on the left or right limit. The solid/bold portion of the line would only be where the gun has grazing fire so it would start close to the gun and break intermittently due to terrain and then end at 800m (for an M240) where you lose grazing fire and have to start using plunging fire.

Whew, moobob questioned me and I went all sharpshooter- sorry folks.

Originally though, I was wondering if they used the SF icon with section modifier for troops or something like that, I've never seen it before and just wondered if I was missing something.