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Jan 15, 2009
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I don't know how old this document is but its news to me.

PDF Army of Tomorrow

If I read this correctly the Canadian forces want their regular troops to do what JTF2 and CSOR are currently doing in Afghanistan. yeh know, find the targets and kill them using some form of mechanized weapon. Air strikes, artillery. then moving in on foot to finish off the rest at gun point.

Its no wonder why SOF are so effective in this kind of war. the PDF file assumes that future conflicts will be somewhat similar to what you are seeing now in Afghan.

Shoot! now hide for 3 weeks and shoot again! then hide again. worked for the Taliban for awhile. conventional forces suffered because of this until the unconventional forces/special forces entered and lead the fight.

So my point is if Canada did transform the army into a unconventional army what else is left for the Special Forces dudes to do?

It's just a concept paper done up by someone in the cage of monkeys that think up potential doctrine... ;) I doubt you will every see it develop into reality, we have a defined line between conventional and unconventional troops and their missions. They may intermingle in the battle space for combined ops but they each have their own sub-mission within their own scope to complete the overall mission.

If that's to coded for you, shoot me a pm and I'll try to "dumb it down" for you with out breaching any funny lines. ;)
Getting the drop on spec-ops

The army is certainly evolving. "Irregular warfare" seems to be the key word here.

Kenny says the work could be done by conventional force units -- the Royal 22nd Regiment, also known as the Van Doos, or the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI), for example. "What sort of answer do you think you'd get from the PPCLI or the Van Doos if you asked them if they could take on patrols to destroy IED factories? Those are pretty aggressive regiments so my guess would be that the answer would be, 'Damn right.'"

Leslie, who has since been put in charge of the review of Canadian Forces transformation, wanted CSOR in the army,
Let me get this tight: they want the Big Army (hammer) to do SOF DA type missions? (scalpel) Don't they got two units dedicated to that type of stull allready ? (JTF2 and CSOR)
I'm sure the "SOF truths" come to mind on this one.
This is just some dude writing for the sake of writing... either because that's what is position is (creating doctrine even if it doesn't make sense) or writing a paper for career/education advancement.
Don't they got two units dedicated to that type of stull allready ? (JTF2 and CSOR)
I'm sure the "SOF truths" come to mind on this one.

That's the point I was trying to make in the first place by creating this thread. What happens to our SOF if the army goes all commando?

Anyway during the new transformation some General in charge said Canada's future will focus on "counter-insurgency" and that wars against country vs country is unlikely nowadays. Not ruled out though.

Look it up on Thestar there were two articles on the subject.