Canadian Armed Forces considering limiting access to alcohol to curb sexual misconduct.

The article mentioned that something like 90% of disciplinary incidents that the CAN Navy had I underway were alcohol related. At West Point, IIRC nearly all sex assault cases at one point had alcohol as part of the equation.

This may be due to the easy availability of beer machine's underway. I thought binge drinking was bad in the Army and SOF. The Navy seems to be constantly drunk.

Right now the Trudeau government and current CAF senior leadership is in a push to end all sex related incidents (that includes third parties overhearing a joke). And it honestly seems like they are willing to do it at the cost of operational ability. Not saying booze makes us better but morale and unit cohesion is on a severe decline.
If we tried that here the Marine Corps and Navy would cease to exist there would be such a mass mutiny....
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