Civil Affairs Officer


Civil Affairs Marine
Verified Military
Oct 2, 2018
Hello, my name is Jeremiah, I am a Civil Affairs Officer, Civil-Military Operations (CMO) planner in the Marine Corps at NORTHCOM in the J9 interagency office. I am a reservist now part of the IMA program. Previously I was on active duty where I deployed from 3rd Marine Regiment as an advisor (ETT) in Afghanistan embedded with an Afghan Infantry Company in the Kunar province along the Pech and northern Korungal. I was also with 3/3, an instructor at the Advisor Training Group (ATG) in 29 palms, the training officer at II MEF Advisor Training Cell (ATC) and in FOPS at II MEF. I joined because I was looking to communicate with other members of the Civil Affairs community both Army and Marine Corps. For my civilian career I am a cop in the Denver Metro.

I don't normally join websites so I am not sure what I am supposed to say.

Look forward to meeting some people.

Semper Fi,