Civilian Ranges...

Swamp Honky

Verified Military
Nov 22, 2009
What do you guys prefer for civilian shooting facilities? I have only been two one or two indoor ranges and some can be pricey. I tried one public outdoor range outside of Charleston and loved it. I am going to try to find something similar in my area.
I am just curious from your personal experiences, what type of places you guys like to shoot.
I recently relocated from FL to DC area. In FL, most farmers were happy to let out on their land to help keep the hog population down.
If you're in DC, one of the nicest indoor ranges in NOVA is in Fairfax at the NRA headquarters.
Yeah, and it's one of the few indoor ranges in the area you can bring a .50 Barrett to LOL
I looked at the NRA range a little closer, and with NRA membership and military discount, a year membership is only like 250.00. That doesn't sound terrible.