college first, navy second?

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Aug 29, 2009
Hey everybody,
I suppose this doesn't really relate just to the SEAL Teams, however, since my goals is to one day be one, why not. Anyways, Im at a university right now, start of third year, and while I love college and all, I feel like i'm wasting time. I think a college degree is very important, but it sure is a hell of a lot of money and classes are a real pain in my ass at times. Im majoring in what I want to do, so class choice isnt a problem....

-I guess my question is, do a lot of SEALs get a degree first then join Navy, BUDS, etc?
-If I left for boot camp tomorrow, would I be able to take classes right after bootcamp?
-I have 72 college credits so far, I think a degree is somewhere around 110-125. Is there a restriction on how many credits you can take during your enlistment?
-When I'm in BUDS would I even be able to take classes? im assuming no, but wth, might as well ask.
-Say after all my training I get to a fully trained SEAL w/ trident etc, can you take classes while you are deployed to the countries of the earth?

Anybody with some knowledge in these areas would be greatly appreciated in helping me plan my future. Thanks!
Get your degree. It's way harder when you're in the mil, not to mention being in an HSLD unit. By getting your degree, you can go enlisted or officer, or go officer later. Either way, it'll open many more horizons (esp. if you get hurt or wash out of BUD/S). Taking college classes while in the Teams is a pipe dream...
This has been discussed ad nauseum on this board.

Many SEALs are in fact college graduates, yet they enlist after they recieve their degree. You can probably figure out why if you do enough reading here and on other boards concerning Navy SEALs.

Take the advice above from Assad and drive on to your goals.
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