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Jan 23, 2012
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"International Mobile Training Team presents"

This class has been delivered under contract to numerous US Federal agencies, US Border Patrol, USSOCOM, Multiple Police and Law enforcement agencies as well as foreign friendly nations.​

This class is limited to 12 students

Course objectives:
This class was designed to give you a strong foundation and understanding of combat tracking. Students will learn the fundamentals of how to track an individual, to work together as a tracking team, and basic visual tracking techniques. Students who complete this course will be capable of conducting aggressive combat tracker team techniques to find, fix and report information or to find, fix and finish their quarry based on their team’s mission.

This is a professionals course, not a "boot camp", "gut check" of any kind pseudo semi-elite Military selection.

Course intent: This course emphasizes the student's situational awareness, and consequently lowers casualty and death rates by developing the student to be pro-active rather than reactive. Attune the student population to the environment read sign and be able to conduct basic tracking operations.

General course requirements and student population overview: The attendee must be a sworn Law Enforcement officer. This class is designed for Law Enforcement and Military personnel.

Topic to be covered:
1. Identifying and interpreting tracks
2. Following the tracks
3. Tracking LE / Military team formations
4. Determining the age of the track
5. Reacquiring a track that is lost
6. Much more

Cost: $295.00 per student (Agency purchase orders –net 30- , Credit cards + 5% processing fees and checks accepted)
Location: Salinas Ca.
Dates: November 2nd & 3rd 2015

Course instructor: Mr. David Diaz is a world-renowned tracker and instructor; he has contracted to the US Federal government to elements of “USSOCOM” among many others. He is a former USMC Force Recon Marine, Ranger and Special Forces SNCO. He retired from the US Army Special Forces in 2003. Dave assisted and was instrumental in the development of past mantracking programs for the US Army and military. Currently he has authored numerous POIs for elements of the US Military and USSOCOM in use today. He works on contract for the US Military and has worked as an advisor, instructor and asset for many governments world-wide. He’s a published author on the subject and subject matter expert. He has numerous deployments, extensive real world experience and deployments into threat zones world-wide. He has done it for real! Dave also happens to be a really nice guy, humble, down to earth and a great instructor!
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