Corpsman/Sniper Platoon


Oct 5, 2009
So, I hear a million different opinions on Camp Pendleton, so I figured I'd try this out. Has anyone heard of a Corpsman attached to a Sniper Platoon ever (commonly) actually going to Scout Sniper school?
I had a Corpsman in my team, 3/1. He had to pass indoc just like the rest of us to get into the platoon. Stories were told of Corpsman in SSBC by the instructors, usually while telling us how we weren't even as good as (insert Corpsman from #/# here).

However unlikely, it's fully possible according to the rules. It'll depend on how your stars are aligned.
Probably not too likely with the limited number of slots available. Not to mention a regular fleet Corpsman's primary job is as a Corpsman first and a gun slinger, only when shit hits the fan, second. But who knows there's waivers for everything in the military.
In other updates, four years later I have still only seen it happen once.
I saw an article about this gentleman but I cannot find it anymore. This wasn't the USMC Sniper that became a Corpsman, it was a Corpsman that actually went to SS school correct?
It was a corpsman attached to a sniper platoon in Hawaii. The sniper school in Hawaii usually wasn't as busy as the west and east coast sniper schools. The sniper school in Hawaii only had to service one regiment, and honestly there is only one battalion getting ready at any given time. It's the only place I've seen scout sniper platoon commanders go through sniper school as well.