Crip's Monthly Question

Need a weekly Question for young Crip

Young Crip will probably not be able to play - he's in shit deep training mode.

But, here we go anyway.....

Young Crip-hopper, riddle me this!

A young local NG soldier is found face down near the bottom of a steep incline after a training assault on a hill in the SW US. GCS - 2, Resp shallow 20, unequal pupils - dilated fully, temp 103, skin hot, flushed, dry. Other soldiers saw him "acting crazy". His clothes are torn up and partially removed, he is twitching, pulse is racing (nearly uncountable). What could have caused this?
Okay, hummmnn.

Heat Stroke would be my other try, but there's got to be more to it than that.
Define crazy... just unusual? Bizarre in an energetic fashion? What was the major mechanism of injury or is nothing readily apparent (ie falling off a cliff versus say a grand mal seizure)

Is his skin clammy or just dry?? Any apparent bodily injuries? Bleeding? Visible head trauma??

The loss of clothing is odd.. but a lot of the other symptoms can be attributed to heat stroke... seizures, high body temperature, fatigue, severe confusion, hot, dry skin that is flushed but not sweaty, rapid heart beat, hallucinations...

Are the clothes randomly torn up or is there a general area that seems to have been affected??
Pt is aphoretic.

looks as though the Pt was attempting to rip his own clothes off.

minor scrapes on exposed skin, no visible signs of major trauma

Crazy as in running and screaming, seemingly tearing at his clothes

Does anyone know the last time this guy urinated? Pulse what its ? Is it fast slow irregular ?

Any past history of substance abuse?

What is he saying? Even crazed they will give you a clue of whats happening.

Colour of the whites of his eyes are the yellowing? Blood shot?

What is his Blood Glucose Level?
But it's not a result of Mescaline use?

MDMA, maybe?

Sounds like a hallucinogen in his system or just cleared from his system... many cause severe rising in body temperatures... seizures.. obviously hallucinations... would be a cause of the cloudy sclera...

Does he have any visible serious muscle cramping?