CSOR training Jamaican unit.

I don't think it's been posted. Thanks it's a good read. ;) And yes, the Jamaican Unit did successfully rescue hostages from the airliner; there may be a news article about it on here.

In the future if you're not sure if something has been posted, just do a search; especially with the Canadian related content, there isn't much.
The word was there was rum, ganja and two female cricket teams on the aircraft.

"Mon, dat wuz a sweet gig." :)
Apart from the ganja that pretty much combines my three favourite things: Rum, females and cricket :D
Not the unit's fault, just dickhead reporters and possibly/probably a foolish commander.
If it was a Canadian or American team, would there be any Stereotyping?

Lighten up, Francis. It was a joke. If we thought there was something negative behind the statement the staff would address it. Besides, you're quoting a post from 2009....