Curio and Relic License


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Jul 1, 2007
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Does anyone here have one? I am considering getting one, but am a little concerned with one issue.

From what I understand, I cannot buy to resell, which I would NOT do. But if the Shit hit the fan and I needed to liquidate one or two, or the whole lot to buy a kidney for a relative, then I need to know I can, LEGALLY.

Any first hand knowledge out there in ShadowSpear land??

Preciate it.


I simply want to get a shitload of nice cheap WWII and old Warsaw Pact type weapons.

Example: Mosin Nagant, at the gun shows are about $125, but $65 direct through alot of the advertisers in Shotgun News.

That type stuff...

I kinda figured that's what you were getting at but I had to give you one little jab. :D

I wanted to do that sort of collecting as well but as I didn't have the proper license prior to the major gun reforms up here; I can't get one now. There's a 'grandfather' clause in it for old Prohibited collectors but no new Prohibited licenses will be issued. So basically in a decade or two, a shit load of our heritage is gonna go in the incinerator. :mad:
A collector of curios or relics may obtain a Collector's License under the Gun Control Act of 1968, 18 U.S.C. Chapter 44 and the regulations issued thereunder in 27 CFR Part 178. The privileges conferred by this license extend only to curio or relic transactions.
The principal advantage of a Collector's License is that a collector can acquire curios or relics in interstate commerce. A licensed collector may acquire and dispose of curios or relics at any location; however, dispositions to nonlicensees must be made to residents of the same State in which the collector is licensed. The licensed collector has the same status as a nonlicensee with respect to transactions involving firearms that are not classified as curios or relics. An individual must be licensed in order to lawfully receive curios or relics in interstate commerce, i.e., from outside his or her State of residence.
Further, while a licensed collector may acquire curios or relics and dispose of same from a personal collection, A LICENSED COLLECTOR IS NOT AUTHORIZED TO ENGAGE IN BUSINESS AS A DEALER IN ANY FIREARMS, INCLUDING CURIOS OR RELICS. A FEDERAL FIREARMS DEALER'S LICENSE IS REQUIRED FOR THIS ACTIVITY. Federal law, regulations, and general information pertaining to li-censed collectors, curios or relics, and recordkeeping can be found in ATF Publication 5300.4, "Federal Firearms Regulations Reference Guide."
So the benefit is a C&R weapon can be shipped from anywhere to you without the need to go through an FFL right?