Directionally Challenged Sumbmarine Commander


Special Forces
Verified SOF
Apr 11, 2010
monterey, ca
In 1968, when I was on leave following my latest RVN tour, I was staying in Los Angeles with my Mother. One of her neighbors came over for coffee and my Mother introduced us. The neigbor asked me what I did and I replied that I was a Special Forces Sergeant.

She smiled at me and told me that her son A Navy Academy graduate, had just been assigned as the skipper of a submarine. She said that before he deployed with his boat, she had given him the gift of a "wooley-pullet" sweater. (the sweater had just been authorized for uniform use by the services).

The son had written her complaining that he was wearing her sweater when he approached the periscope and ordered, "up periscope". He then turned his hat around and rolled up the sleeves of his sweater...embroidered inside the cuffs were, "PORT" and "STARBOARD"....