Enlistment Roadblock

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Mar 11, 2020
Hi all,

Generally didn't want to disturb the actual Special Operations threads with enlistment questions, but it might be my best chance.

Over in the SOF Mentor section I posed a situation I am currently in and got some good answers, but I think some enlisted Rangers or Special Forces could help out in specifics.

I have decided to enlist in the Army. I want to serve. I'm 29 with a degree and working at an energy company, but the urge and need to serve is incredibly strong and I'm going to pursue it.

I have gone to MEPs, taken the ASVAP (96 w/ 130 GT) and passed the physical even with some prior surgeries. The problem is that I need a moral waiver because of an alcohol charge (DWI) ten years ago that was dismissed and dropped to reckless. It has send been expunged. The Army, of course, can still see the charge and says that the simple charge prevents me from enlisting with a contract that requires a security clearance. No Opt 40, no 18x, not even Intel. I was visibly frustrated but I kept my bearing and listened to the recruiters even though it was the last thing I wanted to hear at the time considering they had told me when I started the process, it would not be an issue.

They have said that recruiters do come around during OSUT from SF, Ranger for volunteers. I am not above anything or anyone. If I need to enlist 11x and volunteer my way there then so be it, I'll be a leader and bust ass in PT. But what has not been made clear to me is this: when the recruiters come around, will they say the same thing the entrance recruiters said: sorry, but your ten year old dismissed charge prevents you from volunteering.

I apologize from the wall of text, but I am so close at this point. I've been calling in some favors, recommendations from some high ups that I have been fortunate to know and to have worked with but I have no idea if that will do anything. I have my moral waiver sit down interview as soon as this coronavirus stuff settles down.

Thanks in advance for any advice or input you all have.
@RabidMongrel starting more threads is not going to get you more answers. It's going to turn people off. Stay in one thread.

Clarify and ask follow up questions, but don't start another thread due to not getting the answer you want. Sometimes, you simply won't.

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