Eric from Montana


Jan 24, 2012
Great Falls, MT
Hi everyone, Eric here. Been an Air Force jet engine mechanic on F-15's and F-16's since Jan. '91. Hope to get to know everyone. Currently I am stationed at Hickam AFB, HI, working with the Montana ANG as we sit alert while the Hawaii ANG transitions to the F-22.
Yep yesterday we had sustained 75 mph in GF and worse in the mountains/passes. Showdown had to shut down because 120 mph sustained on King's Hill was snapping tree and damaged the lift. You should pop onto and check out the pics. It's crazy. They are predicting a repeat over the weekend.
I'll vouch for him! Anyone willing to claim our town (Great Dams) as a home is hardcore low self esteem! We absolutely love Great Falls but have a hard time convincing others that this is a Great place to settle down. Side note is that Eric works alongside my other half. He is good to go. Seriously though I have several MTANG AGRS that can vouch for him.
@ IMTT, I live in Great Falls. Great little town, but don't tell the Californians that. Lol
@ MIKE_COS, I am sure that BHO's birth cert is just as valid as any other Kenyan-born President we have had. SMH