FFL & German Chants


Special Forces
Rest In Peace
Jul 16, 2008
Seattle, Puget Sound — PNW
This video plays some chants sung by the FFL. It also contains many chants sung in German while showing pictures of what looks like WW II SS soldiers. Of course, after WW II many ex-SS troops & Officers joined the FFL and many fought in Vietnam with the FFL. Some of the video shows FFL troops in Vietnam.

Interesting video. A group guy I know, who is now in 10th group, used to be in the FFL. This guy goes by Sue. He is a crazy MO FO. Good guy though. I still think he has the most time in Iraq.
We listened to them sing a few songs when we worked with the 2REP. One of the Anglos said a lot of the songs were Waffen SS marching songs, a pain in the arse to learn as well he said.