For all you Jarheads


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Aug 7, 2007
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I just wanted to tell all you Marines out there that you all should/deserve to be proud for the work you boys are doing out here in Afg. I couldn't be more impressed with what I see from you boys day in and day out. Everytime I get those goddamn reporters in my face, i tell them they should go check out the Marines. Of course, you all would probably be bigger dicks than i am towards them:) but you guys deserve the praise. So here's a little.

Atta boy...good Marine.
Semper Fi! 2/7 was the first battalion that went and took a tremendous amount of casualties... they took 22 KIA and over 200 WIA, 70 of which were traumatic amputations. A lot of 18 and 19 year old kids really went above and beyond.

Two Marines from 2/7 received the Navy Cross

Cpl Brady Gustafson

Cpl Richard Weinmaster

This battle was also out of 2/7:
The -53 squadrons, 2/3 and 3/3, and MACS-2 were all outstanding when I worked with them, total pros.
OOOfuckinRAH! Great compliment, J...glad to hear my boys are takin care of business. (Hand salute to 2/7 and all Marines at the edge, past & present).

Thank You although I haven't been to Afghan yet im taking care of work in SE Asia...