Freefalling At The Range


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Sep 7, 2006
[ame=""]YouTube - Man shoots his pants off with a shotgun[/ame]
This would probably be funny if I could see the video, but with YouTube being blocked it loses some of it's energy.
First, I am a fat guy, my pants status though varies given my diet and time of the day....

I'm a little flattered though by the attention heaped upon me by Pardus. Think about it, he has a lot going on in his life and he's taking time out of his day to look for items concerning me.

In 7-8 days he will walk down the aisle with his life partner, a truly historic day for anyone but more so for Pardus. Imagine being married along with Ellen and Portia under the sunny California sky; truly a magical moment!

Then, he's whisked away on his honeymoon to the tropical island of Cuba where he'll undergo another life "altering" moment.

I almsot feel like a bridesmaid with all of the attention placed upon me lately, but believe me I will be there in spirit for you Pardus.
Whoever sends Free his next package, ensure to put in a couple new belts. :D

And as for Pardus, well I'd love to come to Cuba to support you through your wedding and sex change but I don't fly well...I'll send flowers...what's your favourite flowers? lol