French Prisoner Sniped Inside Jail, From Nearby Hill


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Aug 14, 2007
Like a scene from a crime thriller film, a prisoner who faced interrogation over a murder was shot to death inside his French jail by a sniper positioned on a nearby hill.

The suspected gunman, his rifle still warm from the shooting, was later arrested as he tried to flee the scene on a motorbike.

Another inmate, a friend of the dead man, was injured in the attack during which five shots were fired into the exercise yard of the jail at Varces-Grenoble, in southeast France.

It was the first time in France that someone in prison had been killed from outside, French Justice Minister Rachida Dati said.

The murdered prisoner was identified by a French newspaper as Sghair Lamiri, who was born in 1979 and had links to organized crime.

Lamiri was serving an eight-year sentence for robberies committed in 2001 and 2002 and was about to be questioned about a murder case, Dati said.

Ms Dati did not name the suspected gunman, but said he was 58 years old and was in custody.,2933,429541,00.html
Not much of a sniper if he had to fire 5 shots to kill one and wound another. GySgt Hartman is not amused.
Do you think the gunman is shitting bricks now, knowing that the guys who hired him have just had their pucker-factor increase x10?
From: The sun was shining... :D

The sun was shining over the Alps when Sghair Lamiri, a convicted robber, took an afternoon stroll with a friend in the yard of a remand centre near Grenoble.

Without warning, the short and stocky 29-year-old boxing enthusiast fell to the ground, a bullet in his head – picked off by a distant sniper.

Officers managed to arrest Lamiri’s alleged shooter as he tried to make his getaway from a wooded hillside overlooking the Varces prison after he had fired six rounds from a distance of 300 yards – but they were lucky. Gendarmes had spotted a parked motorcycle with the numberplate of a stolen car and had decided to wait for the driver to return. He turned out to be a 58-year-old convicted robber who was carrying a 7.65mm rifle with a telescopic sight.