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Jan 27, 2010
my name is Calvin. i am originally from the Fort Hood, TX area but currently reside in Colorado, just outside of Fort Carson. i am a Homeland Security major, a Navy veteran, and recently arrived back to the States several months ago, after a three-year tenure in afghanistan and iraq as part of the Logistical Civilian Augmentation Program (ie i was a contractor). i facilitated TAP (aka ACAP) at the National Naval Medical Center in Bethesda, MD during a short break from my time in the desert. the "DC experience" opened my eyes to the many things that the Homeland Security and Intel fields have to offer me personally, career-wise, and to the benefit of the US.

since the recent tragedy on Fort Hood, i've decided to re-enter the military. i just finished another semester and i'll be joining the Army as a 35L Counterintelligence Agent this month ... in pursuit of the bad guys. i've lingered on this site for a few days now and i think the members here could be of benefit in helping me taking another step in the direction of that pursuit.

also - i'm a resume' and career transition "wiz" ... so for anyone transitioning out of the military that has questions or needs some guidance, feel free to get up with me.
Before we start I want to say it was Irish, not me...


Welcome aboard.
Welcome to the site. Best wishes with your transition back into the military and your new job there!
Not open for further replies.