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We teach the same thing.... It's a very oldschool way, at least in Canada, to enter a building.
We also teach the catapult method, where a guy is hanging onto a ladder, and a section runs up and sticks the ladder into the ground and catapults the guy on the ladder up to the window.

The number one reason why we don't use this, is because there is not support to the member entering.
We also have used this technique in the past as one of the ways to make entry of the entire team at the entry point. The biggest problem was to lift the operators over the +90 kg. Today it is used only when needed ( read very, very rarely). Usually for the first man who sets up "cavern ladder" for the rest of the entry team, etc.
To me personally looks more attractive than useful, especially today with other available entry methods:2c:.
Those old KUD videos are so cringe worthy ^^
Btw that unit got disbanded because of involvements in some controversial incidents. Was done very unceremonialy and quietly somewhere in 2012/13.

Here's some SF video. This is mostly from recent international exercise "Noble Partner 2018" and some training montage from a doku.
This unit was formed in 1999 and is receiving aid and training from the US since 2002 mostly 10th Special Forces Group it seems and also Polish units GROM & Agat since 2014.


That seems to be a very inconveniant entry method. One entire team is occupied heaving a single guy up a window that is conveniently open ofc, like in many other demos, and he is blindly thrown into a situation with no support and cover whatsoever. Doesn't seem too healthy.
It was commonly taught in the 70-80's, not to say it was a good technique or that it was ever actually used in a live operations, but it was common amongst American forces in that era. Kind of the experimental era, where we were trying to transition from being a frag and clear urban fighter to a more controlled and deliberate urban fighter.
Here's some SF video.

Forgot to ask when posting this.

See many double taps from these guys ( at 1:11 and from 2:19 on ). Don't want to pretend I know anything about Geo sof training methods and schedules, but they seem to be using it a lot both in training and maneuvers. No expert on weapons either but I know it is a thing and why it is used, but also read some mixed opinions about it.
In other videos other sof sometimes put many more rounds into a single target before moving on. So what is actualy better during an entry ? to double tap everything in quick succession and only then check if really everyone's dead or waste more rounds on each target making sure it's dead right there before moving on to the next ?
Shoot them to the ground (however many rounds that takes) and then head-shot as you clear through. Keep in mind you will have 2-3 teammates coming through the door with you, who will also being shooting, so controlled pairs really don't matter. Bad guy is more then likely gonna eat 10+ rounds and have his head canoe'd when it's all said and done...
Those concealed spike traps in the ground look realy nasty. Afaik similar ones were used in Vietnam. But those swinging logs seem a bit too obvious and easy to detect.