Germany Winning WWII

I've lived in Germany, and not on a military base. Before Wiki, and even today, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Rich" and "Hitler", I'm not sure if those works were mentioned in Wiki or not, were the go to books on this subject. When Hitler became an active participant, German morale, economy and status with in Europe, was really awful. Nothing in all of Europe came in to fill the gap created at the end of WW I. There was a defeated German people; too bad for Germany, as Europe turned their back on Germany. There was a huge vacuum that had not been addressed, Hitler slowly came into power through his party. Hitlers was a practiced public speaker who was coached and practiced, Hitler to the greatness or Germany, and the German people. He was the perfect choice for a defeated nation. By words and deeds, the German economy began to grow. It made sense, then, to join the party, and side with Hitler, but they only saw and heard what the were meant to. It has happened many times, that a nation's savior had a hidden agenda. His invasion of Poland was pure theater, but as presented to the people of Germany, it was justafible. They had believed Hitler's cool ade before, why not this too. As you pointed out:

I feel like it would have been very hard to disagree with Hitler at anytime during his reign as he showed early on. The Night of the Long Knives which was met with mostly approval from the public occurred in 1934 well before WWII had begun. Why would you not agree with what he believed to be true if that disagreement could potentially be viewed as dissidence and would be punished with death.

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It was hard to disagree with Hitler early on, and the Germans were behind him. Even the Night of the Broken Glass, when open hatred of Jews, the people supported Hitler. Later, as the war ground on, it became impossible to disagree with Hitler, and if you did, you could have would up on a meaT hook for the night. The Germans were subject to open, lies to keep Germans of pro-Hitler .

To not learn from this, leves a people open to the same thing later on.

My $,02.