Going to SFAS


Nov 2, 2009
Hey, I'm pretty sure I can't say when I'm going due to opsec but it's true. I was originally looking into 160th SOAR but that didn't go through. So today my wife and I went to the briefing and she loved it probably more than myself, so I signed the volunteer statement and got the date I'll be going. I'm going to be doing PT with the SF recruiters on post until I go. I'm hoping to become an 18D. I would really appreciate any advice that would help me get through selection. Thank you all in advance and definitely looking forward to becoming a Green Beret.
IF you make it you will be a Special Forces soldier, you will earn the right to wear a Green Beret.

BTW, the beret is the silliest most unworkable idea for headgear ever invented - it doesn't keep sun out of your eyes, doesn't cover your ears, is hot in the summer, cold in the winter, and stinks like hell when it gets wet... I earned mine, so I can dis it all I want.

My advice to you for prep - Want it. Want it more than anything. Never quit. Don't second guess yourself. Follow directions to the tee, but improvise when you need to. Give 125%, and then realize you need to give more. Besides that, it's easy.
Believe me when I say that I want it and I'm definitely not a quitter.

And it's funny you say that about berets because there was an article about that in the Army Times and there's a lot of people that feel the same way...
Remember there is a high non-select rate at SFAS - even for highly qualified individuals, and a high failure rate in The Q Course - higher for 18D than any other. They don't call 18D the 18B prep course for nothing. I speak from experience - I was 18B and reclassed into 18D after Team time.
Believe me when I say that I want it and I'm definitely not a quitter.

And it's funny you say that about berets because there was an article about that in the Army Times and there's a lot of people that feel the same way...

Yes, what x-SF med said is all true about the beret; however, I'm willing to bet the majority of people "feeling the same way," in the Army times are the ones wearing the Black beret from the 'Big Army.'

I don't think you will hear Paratrooper's wanting to give up their Maroon Beret, Special Forces their Green Beret nor Ranger's their Tan Beret. They had to earn theirs.

A good solution IMO, would be to give the Rangers back their Black Beret and the big Army cnunt caps and fatigue hats.

Leave the Beret wearing for Special Operations soldiers to wear with class A's!
Ew... we dont want the black beret back, its been stained with the sweat of complete douchebags (Im not saying conventional Army are douchebags, not at all. But those certain people in the big army that you know damnwell who im talkin gabout). Plus, tan is sexy.
Don't quit, take care of your feet, be prepared to walk a long way with a heavy thing on your back, and take care of your feet. Good luck
Let's keep this on topic - and the topic isn't smelly, wet, wool rags, or your opinions thereof.

The kid made an uneducated staement. The Troll corrected him. 'Nuff said about berets.

Back to Topic.
I went last summer. Have a tough mind, a strong heart, and a committment to give everything it takes. Take care of your feet and they will take care of you. Drink water aplenty, don't be afraid to get fixed up by the medics in order to continue the selection and carry your weight (and then some) during team exercises. Good luck!
I'm not a veteran of the SF Regt, but I wish you well and we are hoping for your success in SFAS and hopefully the SFQC.

Good luck and don't quit !!!

Oh, a few more things to remember -
You are constantly being evaluated - remember that but don't let it rule you or make you think twice.
The only easy day was yesterday.
If it rains you just don't have to refill your canteens as often.
Dry socks are good.
If it's on the packing list anywhere, it's there for a reason.
Common sense will go a long way, but it shouldn't get in the way of the instructions you recieve from the cadre.
You will be tired. You will be hungry. You will be hot/cold. You will be miserable. Tough luck.
I really appreciate the advice from everyone. I'm going to start PT with the SF recruiters on post this coming week all the way until I depart to selection. I didn't mean to make a big deal out of the beret issue, I just meant to say that I'm going to give everything I can and hopefully earn my green beret. I apologize if I offended anyone by saying that.
I apologize if I offended anyone by saying that.

You didn't offend anyone, little brother.

Just keep your head down, and keep pushing forward! We're gonna want progress reports, as you work your way down the trail.......
Ruck,run throw in some crossfit and make sure you are in good health before you go. Also you have to motivate yourself and during team week your team.
I'm excited because I start doing PT with the SF recruiters on Monday. I have high expectations, because the PT we do at my current unit is a joke. That's why I'm starting to prepare now, even though I don't leave for SFAS for a couple of months.