Got It !!!!!


Feb 18, 2009
As many of you know per my intro and comments I'm prior service Army, been out for about 6 years now. I'm been trying for a long time to argue my way into an option 40. Well today it happened. I GOT IT !!!!
So to all the other prior service out there who like me dream of being Ranger, just like everyone one on here has said multiple times........ just keep fighting for it. MEPS, recruiters, even 1sgt's will tell you "forget it that stuff isn't for prior service", it can happen. Anyway I'm very excited, can't wait to join the ranks of you great warriors, they'll have to drag me out of there to get me to stop, even then I may not :).
Congrats on your slot to RIP. Hope you're PT'ing your ass off and will never quit.
Well at the moment my eye is on all the beer that's in front of me:doh:
But like I said ..........there's NO WAY I'll quit, just no way, I know that thats why I'm celebrating. It's such an honor to even have this opportunity. Now I'm ready.........y'all lay it on me, what can expect, obviously hell but you know......what else :-x
I don't leave until June 16th. You just watch a few months later I'll be telling y'all my success story I KNOW it !!!
Damn, I wish I could get stated tomorrow !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep a journal. We want stories!

Congrats - hard work DOES pay off, doesn't it? :D

Best wishes on the next 25 m target.

When you aren't PTing your ass off, there are plenty of RIP threads on here you might want to look at ;)
LOL Roger that !!!
Don't do any stupid shit like going to bars. If you get arrested for anything, you will be done.

Don't do stupid shit.

Did I say "don't do stupid shit"?


+1 what Looon said. Many that have got blasted out of the saddle, did it to themselves. If you need to stop and ask, "Does this seem stupid?", the answer is yes.:doh:

Now, do push-ups.:D