Greetings from Hoptown


May 15, 2010
Hopkinsville, KY
I am currently a firefighter at Ft. Campbell, Ky. I served 10 years as a firefighter in the Air Force. I am joining this community because I have the utmost respect for all of our Special Operators and enjoy learning and reading about your profession when I can. Thanks in advance for letting me join your online community.

I am also an avid collector in the challenge coin hobby. I currently have over 2500 coins and am always looking to add more. If you are interested in possibly trading coins please feel free to contact me. I also have the internets largest online database with past & current challenge coins. Contact me for the link to my website.

Yes, I drive from Hopkinsville. I work out on the flightline and when I go to work I am there for 48 hours so I only have to drive it every 3 days. Takes me about 15 minutes.
:doh::doh::doh: I was thinking Hodgenville like a dumbass. Me see how it all come togedda now. I've worked in too many towns in this state and they start to blur after awhile. Just like Russell Springs and Russellville, you better be sure which one your supposed to be going to or you'll be out of your way by a couple of hours by the time you correct.