Into the Intro


Dec 8, 2020

I appreciate you all having me and thank you for creating this platform! I am a 24 year old Firefighter/EMT that has had a recent revelation that involves changing my life.

Joining the military has always been something in the back of my mind, I thought protecting my community as a Firefighter would satisfy my passion of serving. As of late, it hasn’t been enough; it has gotten to the point where it has kept me up some nights. The decision to pursue the Special Forces Community was born from wanting to perform at the highest level. I hate to be corny but I can’t stand the thought of looking back on my life and knowing that I could have done more. I don’t feel I have any right to do any less than the people out there right now fighting for what is Just in the world. Obviously I haven’t been there, but everyone starts in the same place.

I look forward to learning more and more about any and all aspects of the job. I appreciate any insight from all you hard body hitters out there. Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Welcome. Feel free to ask any time you have a question and haven't found it already covered.