GROM change of command - SSDD


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Jan 3, 2007
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Aprox. two weekd ago, Polands top SOF unit had a change of command. The Units CO col. Zawadka issued his decision to leave the Unit. Officially, he didn't give a reason to his actions, unoffcially he did so as a protest to col. Patalong admition as DWS (SOCOM) commander. Whats more interesting is the fact, that allong with col. Zawadka, a number of most senior GROM officers also issued their will to leave the Unit - the units commander in Afghanistan, most senior training and combat cell leaders to name just a few.

Many claim (allong with the Units creator and former commander - gen. Petelicki), that the current command is the best the Unit had in 20 years since its inception in 1990.
They also claim that DWS is a shadow structure, a structure that has no real power, nor can ir perform is main function which is command, train, coordinate and doctrinate Polands Special Operations Forces.

It's no secret that col. Patalong was wanting a general star for a long time. Becoming DWS commander gets him just what he wanted. That being said, opinions are devided to those that belive he has no formal SOF training. And looking into his background its mostly right, him being more of a paratrooper than Special Operations Soldier.
There are also those that belive that as long as he does his job right, who cares about his background. Patalong had a short time commanding GROM and 1st Special Operations Regiment.

The Unit got a new commander - col. Gut. We shall see what will come of this.
But unfortunatly, the Unit had waaaz to much media attention, more than ever in 20 years time. Unfortunatly also, the Unit has always been in the spotlight more than is wanted....same shit, different day....
Grom now is under the Ministry of Defence . In my opinion it should be moved to Ministry of Interior and Administration. As a unit within the Ministry of Defence will still be seen as the other branches of the Polish army, which must comply with various standards. Imagine that the SAS or Delta are treated as ordinary infantry. Crazy situation, but the is always a god site - a few gov guy can take few nice fothos with polish amry ninjas (Grom)...same shit, different day....
The Units media popularity is a double edged sword. There is also a mind set that only GROM is the 'real deal', and indeed for many years that was the case. But since our involvment in Iraq and Afghanistan, things ARE getting better. Yet, ministers, most senior militarty commanders still feel its their right to select whos who in DWS and our SOF. I don't know how its done in the US (who decides whos the next SOCOM or JSOC commander, or whos CO of a particular units that shall go nameles...), but here a lot of it has to do with politics.
One more thing, Zawadka began his time in GROM as a NCO, then got his commision and became an officer. Guy knew the Unit inside out, shame.....