HALO school cadences?


Aug 19, 2009
Could anyone please share some HALO school cadences with me?

Thanks in advance

Never marched, ran, or sang in HALO training - however, we did have some HALO cadences we'd sing sometimes when doing formation PT as a B or C Tm. One had verses for Ranger, SF, Black Hats, SCUBA, and a HALO verse which went something like this:

I saw an old lady walking down the street
She had a chute on her back, freefall boots on her feet
The chute she wore nearly blew my mind
'Cause that chute had no static line.
I said, "Hey old lady, don't you look cool...
Tell me granny what do you do."
She said, "Sonny, sonny, ain't you a jewel...
I'm at the Army's HALO school."
I said, "Granny, granny what do you do there?"
She said, "I fall out of airplanes and fly through the air.
From thirty-three grand to opening low
HALO infils are the way to go."
I said, "Granny, granny ain't you too old?
HALO school's for the young and the bold."
She said, "Sonny, sonny don't you be no fool,
I'm an instructor at the HALO School."