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Nuke Spook
Verified Military
Feb 26, 2018
I'm Tom Peterson. I started out as an Army interrogator and Farsi linguist who was supposed to be the last American assigned to the Embassy in Tehran before it was taken over. Instead, I supported the attempted rescue from the NSA. Following Army ROTC, I became a Counterintelligence officer who worked in Honduras and Panama in the early 1980's. I worked the north shore with a partner from the Air Force as part of the Joint Counter Intelligence Operations Element providing support to the SF teams in the area as we all worked against the Sandinistas who were (and still are) trying to foment revolution in the area. Following that assignment, I worked with what is now the Defense Special Weapons Agency supporting the nuclear testing program. That lead to being the civilian CI element for the Nuclear Emergency Search Team and the contract intel support to the Nevada Intelligence Center, the Department of Energy's intelligence element that supports the Nevada National Security Site and unmappable test beds in the desert north of Las Vegas. I was giving a presentation on Iraqi nuclear capabilities at the CIA when I was told that because the US and Russia agreed to stop testing, the world was now a happy place and no one would ever test nuclear weapons again; so I left intel work to become a real civilian. In the years that followed, I picked up screenwriting as a hobby and hopeful career some day. I'm represented and we're trying to sell a couple of scripts. I came here to do some research on Cultural Support Teams because I know a young lady who was a CST and I'm working on a (fictional) script that involves a CST who is specifically targeted for kidnapping but is able to escape and make her way back to her unit. But that's all an aside. While here, I saw a thread on plantar fasciitis and I wanted to respond to with some helpful advice. Cheers to all, and of course, thank you for your service from someone who knows about your sacrifices and knows that for those that come home that the ultimate sacrifice of the living is carrying knowledge that can't be shared.
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