Hello from Ft McClellan!


Sep 21, 2010
Hey everybody! I'm Spc xxxxxxxxx. I'm an 68W, and 11B, in the Alabama Army National Guard. I am in the 337th MP Co. in Oneonta, AL, but am deploying to Afghanistan xxxxxxx. I work medical support for Officer Candidate School, Warrant Officer Candidate School, and MP school, and also am a CLS instructor on base at Ft McClellan, AL. I stumbled onto this site while looking for info on the BCT3 course at Ft Sam. I'm scheduled to attend the course next month, and was just curious about the living situation, and how your days are while your there. All of the medical courses that I've attended since Combat Medic school have been extremely laid back, with a ton of down time, and it's nice to know that things are going to be like that ahead of time. Well, love the info I've found on here, and definitely will be a regular visitor from now on! Thanks for the great site!
Ah yes, Ft McClellan... Too many turds, whose only deployment(s) were to Poguadishu, who have nothing better to do than complain to the post CSM that they cant concentrate on the elliptical or treadmill due to the SF guys in the gym making too much noise actually training.

I hate that place...

Welcome to the site, I hope you can find the answers to your questions here.

I made some minor edits to your intro posts, we discourage using real names and the posting of deployment-related information.

Enjoy your time with us.
Ah! Fort McClellan! Spent plenty of time there while I was in JROTC back in the day. *cough-sixyearsago-cough*
Glad to see another person representing the fine state of Alabama.
Welcome to SS!