Human Intelligence Collector (HUMINT 35M) in Army SF

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Sep 28, 2010
I would like to request for a moderator/staff to close this thread. My initial question about getting into SF from intel has been fully answered some time ago and we seem to have gotten rather off topic (largely my fault). In any case, I would like to thank everyone for their input, particularly @AWP , your advice to just become the best at whatever MOS I choose, as well as the view on attending USMA and the information on the difficulty of getting back into SF as officer, is incredibly helpful.

Your OP included the subject of USMA," I will be applying to USMA/USNA/USAF throughout my initial enlistment. If that fails, I will be attending university after my initial enlistment using the GI Bill plus the Hazlewood Act and any saved funds, as well as any benefits I might receive from the Reserves at that time. From there I will either go to graduate school and enter the private sector or else return to the military.". The thread has covered a lot of ground, now including an interface with Baylor.

It probably is time to end the wandering. Thread closed.
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