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  1. J

    18X Special Forces Pipeline Explained through SFAS - General Breakdown/Tips/Advice

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  2. L

    Optimal physical makeup for SFAS selection?

    Good evening, Feel free to tell me to fuck off if this has already been previously asked. I went rucking the other day with a 50 pound pack and was able to maintain a 9 minute mile pace with ease. However, I definitely noticed the lower back pain that comes with it. I'm very skinny...
  3. L

    Young, aspiring ODA team member

    Greetings everyone, The title speaks for itself but allow me to elaborate. Growing up, I always wanted to be a Navy SEAL. For me, that was the epitome of what it meant to be "Special Forces". Obviously I was wrong. I learned more about the ACTUAL SF guys and realized that they are a whole...
  4. L

    Dropping SF packet as soon as I turn 20?

    Hey yall. I'm currently 18 years old. I graduate High School in a few weeks and I'll be shipping off soon after that. My dream is to be apart of an ODA. However, due to the age requirement, I do not qualify for the 18x pipeline. I plan on going in as an 11b with an Airborne contract. Once I...
  5. Abat150


    I am a current second year Mechanical Engineering student. My sister is currently in Marine Intel and my goal is to join the SF after college. I am here to learn as much as I can and try and come into that stage of my life as prepared as I can be and with the best plan I can come up with. I am...
  6. J

    Switching from Pre RASP to SF

    Hey guys, long story short I'm a 24 year old private that joined the army with aspirations of serving in special operations. I initially signed as an 18x but after some self reflection I decided I wasn't mature enough to take on that challenge, so I switched to 11x with an option 40. Since...
  7. A


    Hey all, I'm a software Engineer, just past his 28th birthday. Managed to get my degree back in 2014 and have been working in the industry since then. I'm here because I have found my life lacks meaning and urgency. I feel as if I show up for work and go through the motions working through...
  8. J

    Need some assistance

    Hello Everyone, I am really at a crossroads in my life and need some guidance. Ever since I was a child it has been my desire to become a Green Beret. Unfortunately, I faced some very strenuous adversity at a young age. I was diagnosed as a child (back when almost all kids were) with...
  9. shoe_lacy

    Aspiring SOF in JBLM Area

    Good morning, I’m currently a soldier at JBLM struggling to find like-minded people with aspirations to become capable SOF members. Anyone - civilian or military - I would be happy to make these goals with! The focus is to constantly set and reach goals, to build each other’s mental and...
  10. J

    MFFS (Military Free Fall School) vision requiments?

    Hey guys&gals, I'm in need of a bit of help understanding something I read in the AR40-501 regarding vision requirments for MFFS. I'm planning on getting PRK before I go plan on enlisting and found out if you get it it's not disqualifying if it was done before you go in. But here is the...
  11. RoyAR

    Importance of MOS selection if I don’t go 18X

    Hello everyone, I’m new to the forums, but have been browsing for a few months. I did do a search but thought it would still be helpful if I started a thread about my particular situation. I haven’t enlisted yet because I’m currently waiting on a waiver for LASIK. I’ve expressed my desire to...
  12. L

    Questions about 75th rangers or special forces

    So far I have spent my time chasing money and worked whatever job paid the most. I have finally figured out that people are right when they say that money cant buy happiness or fulfillment in life so I have decided to pursue something I've always wanted to do and try out for spec ops. I have...
  13. G

    Lithuanian Special Operations Force

    Didn't see any thread on them. Heard many good things. I just found this cool video released very recently. It seems to be an announcment for a documentary / short film. Looks lit.
  14. Aingeal Dorcha

    Need Help(Planning To Go To Marine Recon)

    Hello throughout my life I knew I was going to join the military and didn't know what I wanted to join/do. Being the fact my father was Army I always thought I wanted to join Army and do something infantry oriented/anything involving combat I didn't want any rear echelon mos. About a year ago I...
  15. S

    Is the relationship between Enlisted men and Officers different in Special Forces?

    I know that fraternization is strictly forbidden, but I feel like Special Operations Forces would maybe be closer in regards to Officer and Enlisted relationships. Not sure, so I came here. Is the relationship in Special Forces different than it is in, say, an infantry platoon? Thanks for...
  16. G

    Human Intelligence Collector (HUMINT 35M) in Army SF

    Hello all, I am meeting with my recruiter on 6th of July to try and sort out my Army MOS. Preface, I have ACT, College GPA, and High School GPA in the 99th percentile nationally, so the ASVAB and DLAB shouldn't be exceedingly difficult (I have a perfect score in English and Reading...
  17. Some Guy

    Should I try to join Army Special Forces?

    This is a question I've been debating with myself for a long time, and I figured I should bring it up with people who are more experienced in the topic than I am. The only Green Beret I know directly was my grandpa's brother, and he isn't exactly available for me to question. So, I want to...
  18. TheKicker

    Delta Rigor?

    Howdy SS, Just out of curiosity, how rigorous is Delta selection (if anyone knows or has first hand experience)? Out of all the guys who try out from the Rangers, SF, etc, what do you think the pass rate is? I have heard anywhere from 5-20% of the best soldiers we have make it to Delta...
  19. JAG2

    35M, 38B, or 18X

    Hi everyone. Apologies if this isn't the correct place to post this kind of thing, but it seemed like the most relevant place that I've found on this forum. If given another avenue I'll take this elsewhere. I'm just out of college, and hoping to enlist soon as a 35M (Human Intelligence...
  20. jmar

    NQP Civilian SFRE

    Didn't see any topics that related to my question via the search function. I will be attending SFRE for 3/20th SFG as a civilian. Any advice that would pertain specifically to pit falls or an area of focus at SFRE that would specifically be of difficulty to a civilian would be of great help...