Sep 25, 2009
Heading to Indoc prep course tommorrow morning at 0600 and Indoc starts February 22nd!! Wish me luck y'all

Don't quit...but most of all, if you have the ability to make it, you owe it. There aren't many of us, and we need quality dudes. When you're feeling sorry for yourself after a few weeks of getting your ass handed to you, try to remember all our boys over there getting fucked up, and do it for them. Pararescue will make you a newer and better man...I promise you that.
Good luck Cone!
lol ok thanks man is that better?? haha that you for the inspiration guys i cant wait for this quitting is not an option
Good or bad, come back and let us know how it worked out for you.

Good luck!
quitting is not an option


Keep telling yourself that when you want to quit and think you cant take another step, and trust me you WILL feel like that.

I was just Infantry and felt like that many a time.
Good luck bro hope it goes good for you... don't ever quit keep driving!!!
First of all. quitting is ALWAYS an option. I hate that saying. You can ALWAYS quit. You can ALWAYS fail. The conscious decision to do neither is what separates warriors from braggadocios half assed whiners.

Two pieces of advice- first, you start being the PJ you want to be NOW. Its not magic. You dont put on a beret and POOF! make yourself a stand up "good dude". You start it now. Your reputation as an operator starts at indoc. Treat every day, every event as such. Second- do not just survive indoc or the pipeline or the job. When was the last time you were in a fight and you said "I just wanna be ok and average at the end of this!" NONSENSE. Get up every day and punch that shit in the mouth. Smoke it. Refuse to be beaten, every day, every event.

Get ahold of me when youre done, and good luck you coneheaded son of a gun.
Yo Mr.Gregg its john. ha keep me posted! I leave 23 march. James washed and was reclassed TACP. Hes in Pensicola starting that route soon! I Took a double PAST today
3 mile 20:28
1000m swim: 17:32
62 situps( Pathetic)
60 pushups (even worse)
And im sick as a dog, but wasnt an excuse just an obstacle. I got six weeks to get my cals right. Call me weekly and let me know how things are and any advise... GOOD LUCK BRO..Make SSGT. D happy :p
thank yall for the support i appreciate each and every guys are awesome i will keep in touch