Intro USMC


Nov 24, 2008
Hey there. I'm a prior service Marine who got out about a year ago. I have been using the GI Bill and been in school since then but I am on the forum to look back into either renlisting or going NG in the 18X field and trying the reserve thing. Been a long time lurker and enjoy the wealth of knowledge here.
I was motor t in CLB-6 first deployment, 2nd deployment i was attached to 2nd LAR , and 3rd deployment i was on a PSD for CLR-2 and also breifly attached to 2nd LAR again as an augmented security element. I bounced around a bit.
Welcome Marine, were you with 2nd LAR in 2008?

I spent some time on Camp Korean Village in 2008 running fule convoys from Jordan to TQ/Camp Fallujah/Hit/Al Asad. Us Army guys enjoyed having small combative turnaments with some of the 2LAR Marines there in the Gym/tent.
Welcome Marine. If you are going to try the 18x thing, you will be joining the National Guard's 19 and/or 20th SFG(A) as the Army Reserve on longer has any SF units. In fact all combat type units were placed in the 'Guard. Good luck with your ambitions!