Jun 13, 2011
Hello everyone, I enlisted last week into the US Army with an 11x Option 40 contract. Finding this site has been great and very informative and I hope to use everything on here to help me prepare even more for service. Thank you.
first thing you should do is get a big colorful tattoo across your chest that says RLTW :sneaky::-|

no, don't ... until after you get through OSUT, ABN, RIP and Ranger School...

Are you ready?

Thank you all for the welcomes. My PT results are:
2 min pushups: 81
2 min sit ups: 91
Pull ups: 12
2 mile run: 15:10

I have been preparing myself mentally and physically the past year or so as soon as I realized I definitely wanted to join the Army, and more specifically the 75th Ranger Regiment. I know my run time sucks, so I am making sure my PT is up to speed within these next 7 months until I ship out in January. Thanks everyone.
Welcome aboard.

Looks like you're doing well in some areas and in others, not so much. Keep working on pull ups, and remember you're going to have to ruck and run 5 miles, not just two.