Verified Military
Jun 28, 2011
Michigan, United States
Hi all,
I'm a 22 Year old ARNG vet from the 48th IBCT who is now in college (Thanks to Uncle Sam) Just got into reading forums as a way to stay connected to the military and would not accuse my self proficient at posting or anything just yet. After college i'm going to enlist on the active duty side of things and take a shot at SF selection. I have been down range once and it was with the NG (so mostly a shit show of incompetence) but was blessed with the opportunity to work out with some 10th Group guys. That set me on the course I'm following today. I hope to keep current on whats going on and where via the forums and post questions i have about training and the like.


P.S. Matt, Nino or Kiwi if your out there, this is "New Guy".
Welcome. Where in MI are you from, if you don't mind me asking. I'm from the Flint area. #1 most dangerous city. Holla.