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Sep 13, 2011
Greetings everyone my name is evilsteve. I was born during the Vietnam war and remember learning what a bodycount was before I could actually count. By the time I was 16 all I wanted was to be an Airborne Ranger. When I was 18 I joined the Army and started training as a 19D10. I completed my 14 weeks and got my orders to serve in the 25th infantry. Unfortunately a few days before graduation I was pulled from training and sent to the hospital to have some problems with my legs checked out. They determined I was not going to be able continue my service. I spent the next few months in the medical detachment unit then I was Honorably Discharged. My dreams were crushed. So now I support, listen, and do what I can for Vets, and stay very interested and ready to do what I can for my Country! Thank you to all that have worn the uniform!
Thank you for the welcome. I'm honored to be in the company of true warriors.
Welcome, thanks for giving it a shot. You did better than 90 odd percent of the population.
Not open for further replies.