Jan 30, 2012
Binghamton, New York
First off a thank you to all of those who served, for all the pain, sweat, blood, and tears you put into defending this great nation and its people. and also, that I hope to carry that same torch with honor.

My name is Luke. At the ripe old age of 20 I'm a former Cornell AROTC MSII Cadet, as well as an EMT-B student with a 68W contract. I ship 2012MAY01, with the intention to volunteer for RASP at AIT. My Recruiter is former 1/75 and my Mentor/Quasi-adoptive father is former 2/75 as well as former 7th Group, so I've had the distinct privilege of learning from them and letting them mold me into the guy that I am today.

I've also been a guest across the street at and for quite awhile, and more or less grew up on the former. I recognized a few screen names/avatars that made me just about shit my pants. Ranger Kilted Heathen I thought you died or something!

Thanks for letting me use the site,

Welcome to the site. Were you unable to obtain a Ranger contract?
Welcome to the site. Were you unable to obtain a Ranger contract?

Option 40's, especially for medics (since Regiment likes to see your scores at AIT) are rarer than fat people in SOF at this point. The option is a recruiting incentive to get people to join. Since the RIF was announced, USAREC, and Mother Army don't see the need to go out of its way to give people incentive. My recruiter has about 14 people trying to get into Regiment/Group right now (8 of whom are in the Pipeline or waiting to ship out, auburn NY is rolling deep lol) so he's always looking for OP40's and hasn't seen one in the system for over 3 months, and before that he was seeing only combat support MOS's with them. While no official notices has been given to the recruiters, the last batch of OP40's until the next major conflict may have already been released.
Welcome but I would get it in your contract or don't be disappointed when they look at you and laugh
Short Answer: Yes.

Long Answer: It's been my intention to enlist well before I stepped foot on campus. I needed 15 college credits to counteract a GED, and it took me two years to balance my accounts for the security clearance. I was in ROTC just for the experience and having people to PT with, which the other Cadets & some of the Cadre had a real hard time wrapping their brain around, but a warm body to "joe stuff" on a patrolling lane is an extra body nonetheless, so they let me stick around till it was time to contract or gtfo.