Nov 11, 2014
Hello Everyone,
My name is Dan and I currently work as a Strength and Conditioning Coach. I was previously in the U.S. Coast Guard for 6 years active duty (2004-2010) and 1 year active reserve (drilling 2010-2011).

Currently I am in the process of reenlisting into the U.S. Air Force to go Combat Control.

While in the Coast Guard I was very unfulfilled with my job (I was a Damage Controlman) The way the Coast Guard was operating DCs were basically working as maintenance guys. For 5 years I unclogged toilets, repaired holes in drywall and did various other "home repair" tasks on base housing. Not really what I enlisted to do.

I got out in 2010 and kept thinking that I didn't really "serve" in the capacity I wanted to. I was basically a janitor...

This bugged me for the past few years and I kept thinking that I missed my shot to serve and help protect this country.

I missed the bond and the brotherhood that I had in the military but I didn't want to go back to that same line of work. If I went back I was going to serve in a capacity that mattered.

So for well over a year now I have been researching all the branches and I settled onto the Air Force. I knew I wanted to do Combat Control when watching some of the videos on the training and the job. Every time I saw a video I got excited/nervous and this feeling of "holy shit that looks hard"... but I can do that.

I would show some of my friends the videos and their response was along the lines of "holy shit that is cool, and looks hard, I would never do that." I would talk to them about it and it was completely out of their scope of reality to ever do something like that. I couldn't understand how they felt that way.

Then I realized that not everyone has this desire to serve or even appreciates everything we have in the US. They don't really care, they just assume they will always have it.

I made the decision that if I am ready, willing and able then I need to step up and go. Because not everyone has that mindset and if I don't who will?

Sorry for that long intro hopes its ok.

O I forgot....I registered for this site so that I could browse and read through the forums as I learn all I can about the job SOF in general. Just another tool in the toolbox you could say.

Thanks for everything you guys do!


Verified Military
Oct 14, 2010
Welcome to ShadowSpear!

Regardless of what you did in the USCG...I thank you for your service and good luck with your future plans.


Sep 12, 2012
Welcome....and even though you were a Coastie ;-), thank you for serving. You're still 10 steps ahead of the majority of the nation.
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