Apr 26, 2020
Hey everyone,

I'm mainly here for soaking everything in and seeing what vetted SOF members had to say, but I wanted to get my intro out of the way.

TL;DR Version: Former 11C looking to re-enlist with 18x possibly on the table, I'll find out when I get to MEPS May 1. Still undecided to jump on it.

I was an active duty 11C in the Army for 7 yrs serving as a Mortar Gunner in 3ID within a light unit and Squad Leader and FDC Chief in 2ID on Strykers. I absolutely loved my job. I did very well in all endeavors, as well as grew personally, and professionally as a leader. I parted ways with the Army in 2017 to focus on my Criminal Justice BA and really move on to the "next big thing". I graduated in 2019 and my hopes to get on with a three-letter agency didn't work out. I got dropped after Phase II because I wasn't competitive enough. Around this time my wife gave birth to our first child and I soon became the stay-at-home dad.

I've been feeling useless and jonesing to do some real work as I'm not the type to sit still. I talked with my wife about re-enlisting and she is very supportive of it. As much as she's enjoying her professional career, she would rather put that on hold so she can stay home with our child and I can pursue what I want to make me happy, support the family at the same time, and it's a relatively easy road to a decent retirement; it's a win-win. I talked with a recruiter and since I have only been out for less than three years I can re-enlist with same job and rank like I never left and I would even get my choice of available duty station.

I was set and happy with being a Mortar again, but just last week he said 18x should be available among some other jobs when I go in May 1. I had always wanted to go to Selection while I was in and had been filled with a bit of regret for not being able to go sooner. Now here it is. I'm almost 38, not broken, rarely experience any pain, and (as cliche as it sounds) in the best shape of my life from actually having the time and rest to train six times a week doing some "team guy" type workouts. I've always been good at rucking, even 20k no problem, but it hasn't been part of my training in years. My running could also be much better, but passing the APFT won't be an issue. I've been doing a lot of aerobic and anaerobic capacity work, but just haven't focused solely on improving running. I'm not sure how much improvement I can make in those areas in the short time at SFPC.

I'm at a cross-roads and it's been keeping me up the past few nights and in the day I read up on SFPC and SFAS. Still undecided on taking the plunge or not because as much I would love the chance to go to selection to say I did it and I can cross off the regret of never going, that's not a good reason to go. I'm not worried about being able to finish or even failing Q. I'm thinking of being the long-term team asset and need to honestly decide if I can push myself even harder while on a team for at least ten years. I can't survive on grit alone.

(I'm not looking for anyone to decide for me, its my decision and mine alone. I'm just being open and honest)
Quick update then I'll post the rest of my journey in a new thread.

Stayed with my 11C primary then will drop a Selection packet once I get to my gaining unit June 5th. 18X shippers weren't even leaving until August/September and my lease is up very soon. The other retraining options didn't feel like a good fit for me.