Apr 29, 2020
Hey everyone,

I am a 13R (Arty Radar) and a nasty girl (Army National Guard) living in what most people would call a tundra. I am 22 years old coming up to the end of my enlistment with less than a year left on my contract and with that comes some pretty big decisions, I will be 23 at that time. My number one priority is to end up in SFAS and then the Q course. I'm jumping in on this forum for all the opportunities to learn and ask questions to the people that have done this before me and to hopefully help those that come after. I expect to one day give as much back or more of what I receive here. There is a copious amount of information in these forums so I am sure I'll be busy learning as much as I can for as long as I can. My next steps after this will be getting in contact with an SF recruiter or recruiters of some guard units as well as learn from everyone here. Thank you to everyone able to make such a community and to let those aspiring to do more to join. Im positive this forum/site will be invaluable to me and to others with similar interests. Thank you!