Lukas Kelly

Sep 23, 2011
Phoenix Arizona
Hello everyone, I'm a high-school student right now, 11th grade/Junior, and I plan on going into the Air Force as an officer. My current plan right now is to do that through the University of Texas at Austin, because that's the only university that has both AFROTC and a Major in Farsi. When I get into the Air Force, I'm signing up for the CCT Pipeline as soon as I can. I've always had an amazing love for languages, and I thought that's what I wanted to do with my life. But after taking a good hard look at what I really want in life, and seeing what these guys do and have to go through, I'm set on becoming a Combat Controller, and I really can't see myself doing anything else in life the more I learn.
Welcome, we have plenty of AFSOC types on here that could give you some valuable advice
Welcome to the site. Best of luck with your plans.

ETA: Just saw your from PHX. What part?
Welcome Lukas, if that is your real name then please contact a Mod or Admin about picking a screen name that can't be tracked to you if you are serious about joining the Ops community. You'll thank me later.