Nov 17, 2011
Hey gang, always have had a great appreciation for our SOF community. I am a 23yr member of the Toronto Police Service where I am presently a Sgt in the Armament Section training our specialty squads on the C8 Carbine, MP5 Submachine Gun, Glock 27 and Taser.

Most recently I served a 9 month tour in Afghanistan with CIVPOL and was embeded with Canadian SOF members at FOB Graceland where we assisted with the training and mentoring of the Kandahar Provincial Response Company (Afghan Swat Team)

We assisted the with the Law Enforcement lanes, ie Arrest, handcuffing, searches etc and helped out where needed with other training. Obviously for OPSEC reasons I cant go into details but the guys treated us like gold, spending that time in the sandbox with these world class warriors was an unbelieveable experience.

My Policing background includes, Uniform, Plainclothes, Detective, Canine and IA.